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Mike Milligan has been teaching beginner guitar at a private school in Toronto for the past several years and is now offering guitar lessons at his studio in his home in Toronto. Guitar lessons are available for students of all ages. Mike has had great success teaching beginning level students and greatly enjoys doing so.

Mike is a teacher who likes to emphasize a relaxed and fun approach to guitar lessons, an approach that helps the student enjoy the process of learning to play. A solid grounding in the physical/technical aspects of playing is conveyed through various exercises that help the student acquire proper technique. Lessons are always geared towards each individual student according to what they need to learn and also to what they want to learn.

Please see the following testimonial:

"I started studying with Mike about a year ago. I'm an advanced guitar player, and I was looking to improve my abilities with jazz guitar. I had seen Mike perform many times around the city, and I decided to ask him for music lessons because I thought he was the best jazz bassist around. Mike gave me expert guidance in every conceivable area: he helped me with solo construction, with feel, with polyrhythms, with free improvisation and even with posture! Every lesson has left me with immediately applicable ideas, and also with ideas that I sit with for months and gradually assimilate. Because of Mike's great professional accomplishment (playing with people like Dave Leibman, Billy Kilson, Claude Ranger and Adam Nussbaum), he has also been able to offer excellent insight into what is involved in playing professionally. Best of all, I think, is Mike's deep and honest enthusiasm for music, and for teaching. I've learned a great deal from Mike, and his support and encouragement has made a huge difference to my playing. I would recommend Mike as a teacher to players at any level. He has a great deal to offer." John Russon (Jazz Guitarist)


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