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"Mike is a brilliant, patient and fun teacher. I've been taking lessons with Mike for six years, starting from almost no musical knowledge. Starting music as an adult can be incredibly stessful but Mike gas a gift for patience and teaching in an understandable way that evolves as your understanding does. Mike's teaching style emphasizes musicallity and enjoying the process. I always enjoy my lessons and leave feeling challenged as well as having had fun.

In addition Mike is a very relaxed, personable and interesting teacher. As a career professional jazz musician he can always relate a cool story about his time on the road or a pel behind the curtain of the Toronto (or Montreal) jazz scene. He's always pushing himself and experimenting with his craft. He's excellent at relating these experiments back to the bass through new pratice techniques to keep things fresh. His genuine enthusiasm for music is infectious. I highly recommend studying with him and I hope to continue for years to come." Shanly Suepaul (Electric and Double Bassist)

"I just want you to know how much I've been enjoying the lessons. It's one of my favourite things that I look forward to during my work week." Michael Marr (Electric Bassist)

"Mike combines the best qualities of a great teacher: he's got terrific command of the instrument, he's patient, laid-back, and understands that first and foremost, playing should be fun! As a teacher myself I know how hard it is to find a great colleague - I recommend him totally!" Robert Shoub (Electric Bassist)

"I have been taking lessons from Mike since I began learning how to play the upright bass just over three years ago. From the beginning, Mike has been extremely perceptive regarding my areas of strength as well as those where I need correction or development. He attends to a comprehensive range of aspects that go into playing the bass well-including technique, music theory, musicality, rhythm and time, posture, strength and limberness, as well as the feel and joy of music. He integrates these aspects into each of our lessons and into the assignments he gives me to work on between our lessons. Under his instruction, I feel confident that I am learning to play the upright bass properly the first time around. I also feel a proper mixture of being encouraged and being challenged by his instruction. Above all, I greatly appreciate how Mike's manner of teaching passes along his own enthusiasm and commitment to music. I look forward to each lesson and to the fruits that will come of them". Kirsten Jacobson (Electric and Double Bassist)

"Mike Milligan has the theoretical knowledge to teach at any level, and he has applied his knowledge in countless performance settings - at major festivals and with some of the top musicians in the world. His approach to teaching is practical, constructive, insightful and encouraging. His personable nature allows the student to truly enjoy the learning experience. As a professional performer and teacher myself, I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from a musician as accomplished and as knowledgeable as Mike. What I have learned from him applies to my own teaching practices as well as to my career as a performer. I highly recommend him." Dave Schroeder (Electric Bassist)


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